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We send all our potential Rental Management clients a free tailored financial forecast, to help them understand the benefits of working with us. In order to do this, we require some basic information about yourself and your property.

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No, Reek & Dalli only works on a commission basis. If you don’t make money then neither do we. We pride ourselves on transparency and feel as though such attributes are hard to come by in our industry, therefore we can confidently assure our clients that there are no hidden costs.

Reek & Dalli does not require exclusivity, however many of our owners grant us an unspoken exclusivity once they start seeing results!

Yes, but don’t worry, Reek & Dalli will help you get it. The license is free of charge (Lawyers typically charge a processing fee of around 150 euros). It is not a lengthy process, with all the right documentation, you can be up an running straight away on a provisional license code. The official license can take up to a month. This licence does not impede you to either rent long term or sell the property.

It may come as no surprise that we can think of many reasons as to why you will greatly benefit in working with Reek and Dalli over doing it yourself. Here are just some of them:

Reek & Dalli takes a fresh approach to Real Estate. Unlike most companies, we specialise in short-term rentals, priding ourselves in great attention to detail. Most of our business is conducted online which has proven from time to time to be a much more efficient way of securing bookings. We have a combination of young, energetic and highly experienced members.

We have hosted guests from all over the world, but our most loyal clientele often come from the UK, Benelux and Scandinavian regions.

Our portfolio of properties range from cosy studios in the heart of Marbella to luxury beachfront villas on the Golden Mile.​

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