Unlocking the Power of Property Management Companies

Introduction For real estate investors, the decision of whether to enlist the services of a property management company is a critical one. As seasoned investors will attest, the benefits of having a proficient property management partner far outweigh the perceived drawbacks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the essential functions of property management companies, […]

Off-Season Perks: Why Visit Marbella When the Crowds Disappear

Let’s explore together what hidden delights Marbella has to offer us. Regarding Marbella and the Costa del Sol, most people envision sun-soaked summers and vibrant beach parties. However, there’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered during the off-season Marbella. As the crowds disperse and the temperatures become milder, Marbella takes on a unique charm […]


Unlike most of the team, Francisca, a lifelong resident of Andalucia, brings a deep knowledge of the area and its people. Joining the Reek & Dalli team in 2022, she quickly became an integral part of the family. Affectionately known as Paqui, she goes the extra mile to make everyone feel at home, even far […]


In the summer of 2023, we introduced a new role, Owner Services, and that’s when Adriano came on board. Being a proud Cordobian, he completed his university studies in Granada and had been part of a law firm in Marbella. Adriano is now your main point of contact for a homeowner. He carefully reviews requests, […]


Meet our Portuguese fairy, a vital member of the Quality Control team armed with her trusty pink toolbox. Her role primarily revolves around post-clean and post-stay inspections, ensuring that our high standards are maintained. Whether it’s making sure the cleaning is spot-on or checking for any damage after guests depart, she’s the guardian of quality […]


As a true Madrileño, Antonio approaches his job with firm dedication and never fails to deliver. Leading the Quality Control team, his primary focus is on handling guest emergencies that can arise daily. Antonio is our office hero, always ready to step in and assist not only our cherished guests but also our colleagues. His […]


In 2019 Valentina moved from Argentina to Marbella, looking for a more settled life she soon found herself to be one of the core members of the Reek & Dalli family. Valentina has been working for Reek & Dalli since 2022. Besides being the office’s face and voice, she is like a bridge that connects […]

Cutting-Edge Tech for the Rental Industry

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, property owners and management agencies are all about making the rental experience top-notch. Here at Reek and Dalli, we’re on a mission to stay ahead with modern technologies, ensuring our services are always up-to-date for a smooth ride for both guests and property owners. We believe that new […]

Last Minute booking Maximization tips and insides

Last-Minute Booking Maximization In the fast-evolving world of property management and hospitality, last-minute bookings have become a mixed blessing. When used correctly, this last-minute bookings can present an opportunity for some to boost revenue and achieve higher occupancy rates, contributing to last-minute booking maximization. However, for others, they can quickly transform into a source of […]

Unveiling the Benefits of Property Management Company Services

Property Management Company Benefits Real estate investing can undoubtedly be a highly profitable venture; however, managing a property can be quite challenging and time-consuming. This is precisely where reputable Property Management Company Benefits, such as Reek and Dalli, come into play, offering an extensive range of services to maximize profitability and minimize the hassles associated […]