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A fresh approach to Property Services

Our Team

A diverse, forward thinking and youthful team. We are a very international office with members from Spain, England, France, Argentina and Italy. The team dynamics and our fresh approach to carrying out business is what sets us apart from other companies in the area.

Our Founders

Reek and Dalli was founded by Lucas Reek and Nicolas Dalli. Both families have successfully run property development and interior design companies in Marbella for over 30 years. They were born and raised here, meaning they have been fortunate enough to grow up with an extremely intimate knowledge of the Costa del Sol.

Nicolas Dalli


Having studied a business degree in the UK and the States, he launched his first tech start-up at the age of 20 and went on to work side by side with a leading property developer in Miami. Nicolas has a fresh and energetic approach to conducting rental business with a great attention to detail.

Lucas Reek


Lucas was born and raised in Marbella, and has developed an intimate knowledge of the area. After university in the UK, Lucas went on to work as a logistics specialist for a successful interior design company, which operates both locally in Marbella and internationally, most recently in the UAE.

Our Timeline

Our story is still in its early beginnings and we would love for you to be a part of its future.

February 2017

Reek & Dalli is Officially Launched

With the rise in popularity of online rental platforms, our founders identified that traditional agencies on the Costa del Sol were not adapting accordingly. They set out to build a business that efficiently made use of the new technologies in this sector, giving them an innovative and fresh edge in the Rental Management market.

April 2018

Our New Office

Up until this point, Reek and Dalli was being operated from a kitchen table. Our new office, located in the La Alcazaba urbanisation just outside of Puerto Banus, made for a great space to meet with perspective clients and allowed us to start expanding the team and initiating our internship program.

August 2019

Hosting guest number 1,000

Before we knew it we were hosting our one thousandth guest! This number has since increased exponentially as Reek & Dalli continues to expand. With a growing reputation came more quality properties joining our portfolio, and with that, the inevitable increase in guests to host.

January 2020

Signing our 100th property

This was a major milestone for Reek & Dalli. Those that were around at the company’s beginning will remember how it began with just a handful of properties. Reek & Dalli shows no signs of slowing down and has every intention of continuing to grow sustainably.

March 2021

Overcoming New Challaneges

During the the turbulent times of 2020 and 2021, we were forced to adapt our business model and overcome new obstacles. We took this as an opportunity to streamline our operations and make an array of improvements.

June 2022

Record Breaking Year

The year of 2022 is where we saw the fruits of our labour. We expanded the team, improved our office, on-boarded new high-end properties, and improved our service offerings, such as branded bedding and a dynamic pricing tool.

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